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05-08-2019 12:15 PM
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How do I copy a feature collection?  I tried ArcGIS online assistant - full copy - and it failed.  I do not just want a reference to the original.  I want an entirely new object complete with related tables and blobs for testing purposes.  The help file says,

                           "You can also save a feature collection as its own item by clicking Save Layer in the layer properties                               menu. The item will appear as a new feature collection item in My Content and can be shared with                               others and added to multiple maps."

I do not see a "SAVE LAYER" option anywhere in the properties or Content...

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Just got off the phone with support (and I feel really silly now).  The "Save Layer" button is hiding in the VISUALIZATION tab. So to get there...

Content > Feature Collection > Visualization > Save As New Layer

This will produce a complete copy of ALL the contents of your feature collection including related tables and blobs.

Thank you Chris @ support.