Change Colors or add html to a pop-up in the map viewer

06-10-2021 03:58 PM
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How do I change colors or add html in the pop-up in the map viewer (formally map viewer beta)?

In the classic map viewer it's super easy to change the color of text in a pop-up.  You could use a simple arcade express to update the colors based on status.  Could you please help me find these button in the current map viewer?



Thank you!

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Agree with you.

The lack of HTML support is definitely keeping me from using the new Map Viewer so far. It is really useful for changing text or background colors using Arcade statements, as you mentioned.

For example, as {expression/expr1}:

if ($feature.review_status == 'UNDER_REVIEW') {
return 'background-color:#d7a900'
return 'background-color:#DDDDDD'

To change color in a status bar:


via the HTML editor


As for simple text color edits, it looks like we can edit the color, but not use a custom one yet. This makes it tough to adhere to organization style guidelines...

Hopefully soon!