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Change a Hosted Feature Service layer's default renderer after creating?

08-16-2022 06:19 AM
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I would like to change the default renderer of a hosted feature service after it has been created in ArcGIS Online. I used to be able to do this by going to the 'Visualization' tab from the item's overview page and styling the layer. Now, when I do this it creates an abstracted view (layer view??) and the feature service layer's default renderer (drawingInfo) remains unchanged.

And yes, when I open these items in a web map I see the style I attempted to set in the Visualization tab, but that is not my workflow. I am adding these feature service layers at runtime in my client-side app and would like to have a default style set. Additionally, I'm using a developer's account without access to ArcGIS Pro (where I could set the style up and then upload right from ArcGIS Pro). I am uploading zipped file geodatabases and need to set the default style after the layer has been created, which I used to be able to do.

Any guidance or workarounds is much appreciated.



I need to set this after the service has been created.I need to set this after the service has been created.

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It does appear that when you change the style using the visualize tab that the symbology information is saved at the item level, not the service level. 

If this is just an occasional need, one work-around is to set your symbology there, then export the item to a FGDB.  Once that new FGDB item is created, hit the "Publish" button and it will publish a new service with the new symbology set at the service level.  then you can delete the first service that you originally created.

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Unfortunately, your work around did not work for me. I tried it with both a FGDB and a Shapefile export. Neither had the style set at the service level when they were re-published. Maybe I'm missing a step?

Appreciate the feedback.


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