Can't "Enable Sync" for feature layers (Save wasn't successful. Try again later.)

11-12-2021 06:13 PM
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I'm getting an error message when trying to Enable Sync for my feature layers:
Save wasn't successful. Try again later.
I don't have any creator/editor fields in my data tables. Not sure what's preventing this.

I published two feature layers (part of a feature dataset) in a webmap through ArcGIS Pro.



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I got this for the first time today as well. 

Any thoughts ?

Hosted feature table which has been appended successfully previously. Hosted view layers already set up. 

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Just ran into this issue for the first time today, myself. 

Does ESRI want to chime in? 

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I came across this same issue today. Initially it was just one of the sub-layers that wasn't allowing sync, however when I disabled sync for all layers and re-saved, it became an issue on all layers. The solution ended up being to just overwrite the whole feature layer from Pro and then enable sync. Not pretty, but necessary in this case.

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Same problem, just wanted to put this out there, planning to do the same thing @DavidSneesby did.

Was just trying to enable all my functions like normal.

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I had this issue earlier today. I had a hosted view layer (that wasn't being used any longer) based on the feature service in question. I think something was wrong with the hosted view layer, because when I deleted the view layer, I was able to successfully save the sync setting on the main feature service. I got the idea for removing the hosted view layer from this bug article: BUG-000140593 for ArcGIS Online (

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Same issue with a feature service I had just created from scratch on ArcGIS Online.

- Holly
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