Auto refresh for Hosted Feature Layer Views?

11-09-2020 11:06 AM
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I have an editable hosted feature layer that is shared with a closed group. I also have a non-editable view layer that's visible to the public, and this is the layer that's in a view only web app.

When I update the editable layer with ArcGIS Collector (or through any standard web map edit), the edit doesn't appear in the web app unless i refresh the web page. It doesn't appear just by panning the map. This refresh behaviour is unusual, and I would expect the edit to appear just by panning the map.

Any thoughts people?

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Hello David, 

The response you are getting is expected. To get the app or any map to update without a refresh of the page you will need to go to the webmap feeding the app and set that layer to a specified refresh interval. Here is a help document that shows you where to go to set the interval.

Once that is set the map will update automatically thus updating your app.

Hope this is helpful... 

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