Auto-incrementing field in ArcGIS Field Maps

05-07-2021 10:24 AM
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I work in soils and use Field Maps to collect point features with form data (photo of form attached) in different unit areas. We need to know how many points we have done, and counting or manually entering the point feature count/number is tedious out in the field. I've tried to do attribute rules but am not sure where to start there.

Is there a way to auto-increment and display the number point in that unit? For example, if this is the sixth point that a worker has taken in unit 45 is there a way for to autofill "6" in that form?  I saw some posts from 2016 that said Esri was "working on" this functionality.

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Having an auto-incrementing field (and more generally, having auto-calculating fields like Excel has with formulas, for example adding two columns together or concatenating two fields) would hugely useful, both in AGOL and on premise in SDE and file geodatabase. I imagine they could engineer the backend with python and SQL functions.  I think it is finally coming to the platform piece by piece... they have added it to Pro..

Now if spreads across the platform to AGOL, SDE and other apps it will be highly useful.

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