Support for Contingent Values in ArcGIS Online

05-17-2019 08:39 AM
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Contingent Values in ArcGIS Pro helps data technicians in the office to efficiently manage the ensure the integrity of their data. Light data users could take advantage of this as well through ArcGIS Online whether in the office or using Collector in the field, making sure that data entry is simple and effective and that the data is of highest quality.

Use Case: Road Sign Technicians using Collector enter a sign code and then see the possible values available for other attributes. Stop signs have 3 sizes available, and In-Street Pedestrian Crossing signs have 2 sizes available, and so on.

Thanks team!


I agree this would help field collectors speed up their collection if Contingent values were available in Collector for ArcGIS. Like matching Botanical names to common names of plants.


We should take this further and support this not only in Online but in ArcGIS Enterprise as well!


I have this same use case would love if this functionality was added to Collector!


This would be excellent along with support in Collector. My organization could really use this to help ensure data integrity and make things easier and quicker for data collectors!

Very in favor of this!


A customer tells me that this functionality would be ideal for projects with Collector for ArcGIS and Web AppBuilder.


very useful


We have been waiting for Contingent Values for many years.
And attribute editing is now done using web apps and Collector app, using ArcGIS Enterprise.
Dear Esri: make Contingent Values available in the webgis platform, not only desktop!


Contingent Values is a realy good tool, but in near future we are (all) planning on using mostly mobile devices, so this needs to work on web platform, not only ArcGIS Pro.


My organization needs this for field use with Collector.


It is a given that this functionality should be in place for the entire platform (online, enterprise, mobile apps...)