Auto Calculate Fields in AGOL

01-14-2019 10:44 AM
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Is there a way to auto calculate fields, based on an expression, in AGOL? Or to commit the "Custom" field created by the pop-up expressions? Basically I want to calculate a dollar amount per linear mile without having to use the field calculator every time. Is this possible to set the expression in the field somewhere?


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You can configure the expression in the pop-up in order to have it available for new features too.

If the data was stored in Enterprise, you could use attribute rules, but this functionality is not (yet) available in ArcGIS Online.

However, it would be great to have a functionality that allows use to configure a certain interval for a field calculation in ArcGIS Online to occur. 

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I wonder if this idea is what you are looking for: 

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Thanks for sharing Michael Volz  

Part of this idea could be considered implemented with the Attribute Rules that Enterprise offers. On the long term the UNME might be ported to ArcGIS Online, which would algo require the attribute rules to become available in ArcGIS Online. 

My comment was more related to the new Arcade expressions (FeatureSetBy*) which were introduced in the update last december in AGOL. These functions are not available in the symbology profile of the Arcade expressions, most likely due to the performance hit this would cause. Since you can use them in the Field Calculations it would be great to have some kind of scheduled task configuration with the field calculation in AGOL to trigger the update for instance each night to make it not so static if you want to visualize something dynamically without the performance hit.  

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Hi Xander,


This is exactly what I am looking for. Dynamically update the values of a field through calculate field so that the associated symbology can be changed.  Your comment is now 2 years ago. Any update regarding this idea?

Jelle Stuurman

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Hi Jelle,


Did you have any luck with this?


Thanks, David.

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Not really. Except the the latest AGOL update included the feature to schedule Jupiter notebooks scripts within AGOL. Not completely what is discussed here, but I think a workable solution to achieve the same.