Attempting to overwrite feature layer with related table.

07-23-2021 08:40 AM
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StatusMessage: Server Response: ERROR: code:400, Unable to delete item. This service item has a related Service item, Bad syntax in request.
Status: InProgress StatusMessage: Publishing tool execution failed

I have tried multiple times to overwrite this feature layer in AGOL.  I have 6 views created from the original feature layer.  I have overwritten this in the past, so cannot see what is different.  I have read other posts and followed their suggestions

  • move to root folder
  • disable sync

Nothing seems to work.  Please advise.  Thank you.

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If the layer has a view layer associated with it, which is created from Join operations (Analysis > Summarize Data > Join Features > Create results as hosted feature layer view). Then, this error is expected. 

To resolve this, delete the view layer.