ArcGIS Web Map not showing up because layers are not supported

08-03-2021 06:52 PM
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Hi all,

Today I tried sharing my ArcGIS Pro map to the Contents page of as a web map. I've done this twice before and the layers all showed up with no problems, but this time I shared a more progressed version of the map, and when loading the Web Map in the online map viewer, I was met with the message, "The map cannot be drawn completely because one or more layers are not supported. These layers will be omitted." 

Unfortunately, this error message came up for all of my layers, so nothing is showing up right now. Does anyone have any experience with this error message and how to fix it?

For reference, the map is at Thank you so much in advance!



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Esri Notable Contributor

I checked it out and it looks like the sublayers in your group are either not shared or do not exist. Also group layers are not supported in the Map Viewer Classic.