ArcGIS Pro error 001780

07-01-2020 01:17 PM
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I have build a model to classify WV2 imagery, I have run the Segement Mean Shift a number of time without problem to define the 'optimum' segmentation.  I attempted to run the model for the last time however I receive the following Error 001780: There is no available space on your hard drive where the temporary folder is located.

To solve the problem I have deleted all temp files and changed the designated Temp drive from the C Drive (SSD) to the D Dive (HDD) but this does not solve the problem.

It is unclear where ArcGIS Pro is processing the intermediate files so that I can delete them.  Can anyone assist?

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By chance is the "Current Display Extent" in the Environments->Processing Extent for the GP tool selected?  The reason I ask is the only case I see in the Esri internals mentions this item causing the error code crash you listed.  Try this - select another parameter than "Current Display Extent" for the Environments->Processing Extent as re-run the tool.  What is the result?