ArcGIS Online - Update Sharing for hosted features shared to the Organization

02-06-2020 11:01 PM
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In ArcGIS Online (private Organization) I have several maps with content owned by another account that are shared to the Organization. Whenever I share these maps, an 'Update Sharing' dialog box pops up to tell me that these layer may not be visible to others because they are not shared in the same way as the web map.

These layers are shared to the Organization so there is no issue as far as sharing goes. Its just really annoying for me! Is there a way (/setting) that will stop this dialog box popping up for layers shared to the Organization? There should be some logic that recognizes that these layers are shared to the Organization and it is Private (so this is the highest level of sharing for this site). Thanks.


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Hi Jamie Lambert‌,

Thanks for the post. Unfortunately there is not a way to disable the dialog. It will still check even when layers are shared to the organization in case there is any sharing to groups that have external members, or sharing to another organization's group of which you're a member. The ramifications of not knowing which layers are causing a permissions issue seems pretty major to me, but I can also see how getting the same dialog for the same map repetitively is not ideal. I think it would be worth posting to the ArcGIS Ideas site to see if other customers also want this functionality. 

In the meantime, maybe one possibility is to create hosted feature layer views of your colleague's layers and share them the same way as the Web Map?

Hope that helps,


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