Arcade expression with 2 fields

07-22-2020 01:05 PM
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Was hoping to get help with an Arcade Calculator issue. I have two field names I am referencing and 4 possible outcomes to populate a new text field.

I have an integer field as well as a text field that is domain driven. The end result is a simple text return: (Pass, Fail, No Locate, Other). 

If the number field = 1, and domain field = Full, then = Pass

If the number field = 1, and domain field = Dim, then = Fail... and so on.

Any Arcade wizards out there willing to help? I made a couple rough attempts, but am having trouble with referencing 2 different fields.


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One problem you might be running into is when you're using a domain, you have to either make your evaluation with its label or use DomainName to use its code.

For example if DomainField is set up like


then you'd either use

if ($feature.DomainField == 1)


if (DomainName($feature,'DomainField') == 'Full')‍‍

For your calculator, one way of evaluating your two variable would look something like this

if ($feature.NumberField == 1) {
  if ($feature.DomainField == 1) ‍‍{ // if (DomainName($feature,'DomainField') == 'Full')‍‍
    return 'Pass';
  } else if (if ($feature.DomainField == 2) ‍‍ { //if (DomainName($feature,'DominField') == 'Dim')‍‍
    return 'Fail';
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Thank you Ken Buja‌, got it to work. 

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