Arcade expression doesn't display in "Information Lookup" template

03-25-2020 08:11 PM
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As the title suggests, I have a Web Map that i've configured the pop ups for. I have 3 Arcade/Attribute Expressions which I render in a "Custom Attribute Display" for Popup Contents. The data renders fine the Web Map as well as a standard Web App version of the Web Map. The Popup itself renders in the Information Lookup template, but it's missing the output of all 3 Arcade expressions. According to documentation, Arcade Expressions should be supported in the Information Lookup template since 2017, when a bug was addressed and fixed. 

See below images for reference.

Any help in figuring out how I can rectify this is greatly appreciate.

Mahalo in advance.

Custom Attribute Display:

Web App Popup:

Information Lookup template Popup:

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