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App with database functionality to perform calculations

09-14-2023 11:53 AM
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I have a request from a coworker to make a map/interface where he can select some polygons that have  information in the attributes, choose a few parameters and have it calculate his needed totals. I have an idea to set it up in Survey123 where I know that functionality exists, and put it in experience builder so he can select the needed polygons (I saw a presentation where someone did this, so I think it could work)- but is there a better or more intuitive way? 


Also, if I did go the survey123 route, is it possible to then, once submitted, set it up so that it will automatically filter the layer in the map to the newly created record? But one drawback to survey123 is that he's hoping he can print the whole page with calculations and map, but there's no print option in survey123 only a submit. 

Another downside to survey123 and why I'm looking for a potential other option is because I can't bring in outside data. Part of the calculation he's looking for requires a look-up. If the answer to one calculation is X, then the input into the second question needs to be Y, or if the calculation is A, the input needs to be B. I can always do an if/then statement in survey123, but it's tedious. 

Any ideas/ input would be helpful! Note- I only use arcgis online hosted services. I don't think i can use developer or anything other than stock arcgis online tools.

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