AGOL - Showing Type and Date Recorded Possible?

07-01-2020 03:22 PM
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Hello all,

I have a layer in my map that I want to symbolize by Species (Unique Symbols) and Year Recorded (Varying Color of Species Symbol).

When Changing Style the Species attribute shows in the dropdown fine, but the attribute with the survey date (date field) does not. Is there a reason why this might be? I do not want to show survey dates as a time animation, just as a graduated color change of the unique symbol for each species.

I've managed to write an expression with Arcade that will show the points by "Types and Size" based on species and survey year (but year is shown as a continuous number - 2,013 instead of 2013 for example). My Expression:

// Create Date object from surveydate attribute
var surveyDate = Date($feature.surveydate)
// Create Variable of year from surveydate
var SurveyYear = Year(surveyDate)

I have also tried changing the numeric output (see below) from the Year function as a String with the Text function. It works when testing but clicking OK in the Expression window does not commit the change. Unsure if this is the right direction to create unique categories for each year or not.

// Convert numeric output to string value

The intent is for a field crew to quickly view this map in Collector and recognize which of two species is represented by a point, and in what year that point was surveyed, without having to open a pop-up, and without the year value being continuous. Another option would be to make multiple copies of the layer, one for each survey year, and create a filter for each, but I would like to see if I can do it all in one layer.

Any help or guidance with this issue would be much appreciated!

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