Custom web tool in AGOL?

07-01-2020 12:38 PM
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I'm at a university with an Esri campus site license.  The students use Pro, Desktop, and/or AGOL.  A student had a question regarding sharing a custom tool as a web tool.

  • He used Modelbuilder in ArcGIS Pro to create a custom tool. 
  • He wants to incorporate this tool into a Web App in ArcGIS Online that he wants to share with the world if possible, or, if not, at least share with a group or the organization.
  • He has access to ArcGIS Online, which he's familiar with, but not to a Portal in ArcGIS Enterprise.  We don't have an instance of Enterprise/Server/Portal that is generally available to students (just used by some profs for coursework in some Env Sci classes), and I'm not personally familiar with that environment (hence this question). I work in the library and provide general support for students with GIS questions.
  • He attempted to publish this web tool to AGOL, but gets the error "Cannot publish web tool to ArcGIS Online."

    As far as I know, such a web tool, in general, can't be published to AGOL; there doesn't seem to be any permission that relates to web tools, and he has all non-administrative permissions. 
  • The questions are:
    • are we missing something about AGOL and web tools?
    • Without using Enterprise/Server/Portal, is there any way, such as a workaround, to run such a custom tool in AGOL?
  • The student tells me, "Our proposed workarounds right now are to share the ArcGIS folders with users (which would be clunky but would work) and to create an RShiny app that would have the tools behind the scenes." I can get more details if you need.

Thanks for any insights.

--Mark Thomas, Duke University LIbraries

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Hi Mark Thomas‌,

ArcGIS Notebooks released out of beta today and provides a way to share custom analysis workflows in ArcGIS Online. It wouldn't be sharing a tool per se, but your student may want to look into for their use case: Get started creating notebooks—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

Hope this helps,


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