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Add fields from another datasets Arcade

09-16-2021 06:40 AM
New Contributor III
var features = FeatureSetByPortalItem( Portal(''), '98cca0ba2d58470b96061faa24421e66', 0, ['ID_FCC', 'RestorationArea','RestorationType','Project','HabitatRestored','Date'], false );
var filterFeatures = Filter(features, "RestorationType <> 'Riparian'");
var distinctFeatures = Distinct(filterFeatures,['ID_FCC','RestorationArea']);
return distinctFeatures

The above feature set return only unique  combination between ID_FCC  and RestorationArea (witch is what I want) columns together with ROW_ID

But I want to return also the fields from FeatureSetByPortalItem (eg 'RestorationType', 'Project', 'HabitatRestored' and 'Date')

Apparently Distinct Function remove other columns 

Is there a way to rejoin all the fields base on ROW_ID?



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New Contributor III

Yes you are correct i need "129.12" instead of "152,68"

But in the dashboard I have another Indicator which make a sum of the RestorationArea (including duplicates) called Reforestation effort. I need both sums (including and excluding duplicates) in one dataset

On the other hand the other columns like species:fir(BR), spruce (MO), beach (FA) ...... they must be added regardless of RestorationArea duplicates 

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