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07-23-2019 01:48 PM
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As of now when you search an address in the Zone Lookup tool you can't control the zoom level.  There's a button to zoom you out to the feature (zone). It would be nice if you zoom down to the property since that's what you're searching. The property searched should be the focus not the entire zone. 

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for posting this idea. When you are identifying a feature, are you seeing the extent being too zoomed in or too zoomed out? In other words, are you finding that you are needing to zoom in more or zoom out to identify the features further once you have searched for them in the application?




It's currently zooming out to the large zone.  It would be nice if you could have it zoom to an address and edit the zoom level.


I use Arcade FeatureSets on copies of the property layer to avoid that behavior


Where do you put that expression?  We're searching off a locator.


You would create it as an Arcade expression in the layer of the web map. So if you want the search to be at the property level, you would have multiple copies of your property layer with different FeatureSet queries using Intersects. Of course, you can rename the copies of the Property layer, so you can distinguish which layer returns what info.

Example: Escondido Parcel Information Lookup 

Relevant resources:

What’s new with Arcade: Taking a stroll through FeatureSets (Part 1) 


I may have my map set up differently.  I have each district as a separate feature layer.  There isn't a single property layer with each district in the table.  


No ours is the same. It may be harder to grasp without writing a full tutorial, but here's a snippet that hopefully explains it better:

Zone Lookup Zoom Workaround


How does it work in the map? Do you 'Hide in Legend' in the map for the app to work?  


The only layer that we have checked on as visible is Parcel Info (which shows the boundaries on the map). Because this is a multi-polygon lookup, we don't have any of the polygon symbology turned on anyway as it would be too confusing with all the overlays. Feel free to PM me, and we can chat over the phone if that helps.