Show join view layer on all participating hosted feature layers

01-03-2022 01:59 PM
Status: Open
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Recently, I got stuck trying to update fields on a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online -- it wouldn't give me the options and I wound up needing to call technical support because I couldn't figure out what was the blocking factor was in being able to modify the list associated with a field, normally an operation that works well. 

As it turned out, the layer was participating a join view layer (not your average view layer, I had forgotten about creating it a couple months earlier).  It took me and the analyst some creative thinking to find the offending join view layer because it did not show up in the hosted layer's list of views... 



The other layer participating in the joined view did reference this new joined view.

So the idea is >> Show join view layers in the 'Other views' list for all participating hosted layers.

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