Show attachments in ArcGIS Online pop-up window

08-12-2014 12:39 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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The ability to link attachments (images, docs, etc.) to features in ArcGIS Online is great functionality, but it would be nice if, instead of having attachments open in a new window, they would open inside the pop-up window itself. The new window containing the attachment tends to cover up the map.


I agree - a checkbox functionality for the map author would be ideal. Understandably, other types of attachments (pdf, video, etc.) would have to be parsed out and perhaps a custom thumbnail put in place for those items. However, despite the work it might take, I think this enhancement is worthwhile for helping users showcase the capabilities of ArcGIS Online to be "more than just maps". 

Potential Workaround (No coding or special tools)

For now - I have been pointing people to the Operations Dashboard (Feature Details Widget, which allows for a preview of the image in the panel) or Map Tour (although this requires a specific layer schema) for showcasing photos more prominently. 


This is exactly my issue - up to a point it is all really simple, and then to get the final step there is a crazy workaround that will leave students scratching their heads, becoming frustrated or just not bothering.



The GP-Tool Kelly Gerrow mentions only works for one attachment, I would like to show all of the pics associated/attached to a point...

It would also be nice to rename "Attachments:", or hide it.

The new web based Dashboard has a very nice solution for showing attachments in Pop ups. It would be awesome to have this also in web maps and apps, eventually with the option to get the full size image/attachment when clicking on the thumbnail and give a speaking Name instead of the filename...

cc Aaron Pulver


Definitely we need picture to show on the pop-up window.  We are working on a quite of few app that include pictures and users want to see pictures on the pop-up window of the map.



I agree! I have been told by co-workers and upper management that they don't want to learn how to use mapping software and implement it into their daily routine if it is not going to display their photos at their survey point.


yes this is greatly needed, the workarounds are not efficient with large datasets being updated continuously. 


Just implemented a GIS system assuming this functionality already existed.  Was a bit disheartened to be spending my afternoon searching for work-arounds.  Would love to see this one, soon.  Thanks.


I have been hoping this would come with a each new release, glad to see it have a high voting score!


Perfectly stated!


This is essential. Please implement this feature.