Same color palette options across all ArcGIS Online palettes

01-12-2018 02:37 PM
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There is an inconsistency with respect to colors available within ArcGIS Online. While the same color options are present when changing colors for polygon outlines & fills, only a reduced color palette is available when attempting to change the color of label masks. The full range of colors should be available across all symbology dialogs within AGOL.

I'd also like to lobby for the addition of user input of hexadecimal values. There already is an Idea submitted for this here.

Palette available for feature symbology:

Palette available for feature labels:

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To add to the above:

Across all of AGOL's products each of the default color palettes are so different much less some have the option to add colors in the interface while others require HTML experience. This is cumbersome for content creators as they may string together multiple products and find inconsistency in their color options. An even simpler example is the difference in interfaces from symbology's color palette to the popup's color palette all in one web map. We need consistent colors/ interfaces.