Print Map or Layout - Preview of print area

01-21-2021 07:17 AM
Status: Open
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It shoud be possible to selecet more paper sizes, like A2 and A1.

And there should be a preview of area for printing, and ability to move the preview window to the area to be printed.

Now it seems that the printed area often is outside of your map area. Why? Normally the printed area should be sentered on the center of your map window



Hi @JensKolstad, thanks for posting here. The default print service comes with a handful of available layouts (e.g. paper sizes). However, it is possible to create and publish your own print service with some customized layout options. This would need to be created in ArcGIS Pro and shared to the relevant org for it to be available in the Map Viewer. 

Share custom layouts for printing from ArcGIS Pro

For the preview area, this is something we could consider. We currently have a screenshot method in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, which offers a preview of the exact area to be printed. This requires some development knowledge.

To get a better idea of what will be printed, you can modify the scale and dpi properties, and if it's MAP_ONLY, you can also modify the width and height.

Thanks for Your Feed-back

Can I share a custom Layout fra ArcGISPro to ArcGIS Online? We don’t have ArcGIS Enterprise

The possibility to have a preview window would be good.

I will try Your suggestins regarding dp1 and scale, and MAP_Only to better understand how this works.

And – When will MapViewer BETA nor be BETA, but the only mapviewer.

I know years ago I brought up both creating print layouts that do not need a custom print service and the need for a print preview out of the box. 

None of those ideas ever gained any traction. Larry Stout had a great custom widget for WAB years ago, but I think it was last updated in 2015. The last time I tried to use his widget it did not work properly with the newer version of WAB I was running.

There are other examples of folks creating there own print preview enhancements.

I think it would be very helpful if Esri would build print previews into the default print widgets.


@JensKolstad - I've only ever published from Pro to Enterprise, but it looks like you could publish a web tool from Pro to a portal.

@Joshua-Young - thank you for posting those links. I think that since the underlying functionality belongs to the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, this would be the best spot to post an idea: