ArcGIS Online Print Templates

04-24-2019 10:15 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Organizations that rely on ArcGIS Online for their GIS need the ability to design simple print templates in the browser and make those templates available to the default print service. 

  1. Support for print templates as items in ArcGIS Online
  2. Support for the default print service to be pointed to print templates to build a list of templates available. I think this should be a parameter list so that things like the Print Widget can be used to populate the list.
  3. Support for standard ArcGIS Online security/sharing so that print templates can be secured if needed
  4. A new WYSIWYG layout editor app in ArcGIS Online (not looking for ArcGIS Pro here just basic elements). Allow users to define:
    1. the map frame
    2. text boxes
    3. images (PNG, JPEG, SVG, etc.)
    4. legend (needs better options for handling overflow of legend items than the way it works now)
    5. scale bar
    6. north arrow
    7. simple graphics (points, lines, and polygons)
    8. page orientation
    9. page size
    10. support for Shared Theme

I know the trend in GIS is to go all digital, but in my opinion there are still many users that need access to printable maps that quickly convey a story to the person looking at it.


We definitely need an option to publish our own templates on AGOL just like we can do in the ArcGIS enterprise Portal


Completely agree. Fully understand GIS is going more digital but that can't be at the detriment of other forms, I work in Local Government and administer our ArcGIS account - the biggest 'flaw' for users is that the map file (PDF etc.) is not formatted in a corporate style. 'Physical' maps are still very important and are used daily for site visits, sharing with the public and adding into reports just to name a few. I think an enhancement to the print widget to allow organisations to store print templates as items (or something similar) is a must. I know this can be done using ArcGIS enterprise but that isn't an option for a small organisation like ourselves.