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01-16-2020 12:47 PM
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In publishing maps and layers, primarily to various web mapping applications, it has come to my attention that certain properties about a layers' symbol does not transfer between ArcPro and AGOL. The major items being scale-based sizing and graduated colors with advanced settings. Having the ability for these symbol properties to transfer from ArcPro to AGOL seemlessly would be outstanding. I am not sure what the technical requirements to allow this ability would be, but I have a feeling it would be beneficial to many members of the ESRI Community.


It looks like this was requested at Advanced Symbology for Feature Services but unfortunately there were a bunch of different ideas lumped into one.  So this current idea is requesting for ArcGIS Online/ArcGIS Enterprise to support advanced symbology, correct?

From the warning documentation: 24082: Layer's symbol will be downgraded—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

Web feature layers do not support a subset of ArcGIS Pro renderers. Renderers not supported include the following:

  • Unique value renderers based on multiple fields
  • Graduated colors with advanced settings (rotation, size, and symbol levels)
  • Graduated symbols within polygons
  • Multilayer symbols
  • Proportional symbols
  • Dot density
  • Charts
  • Scale-based symbology including symbol classes with visible scale ranges and scale-based sizing. For more information, see Author a multiscale map

Thanks for including your primary need as  "The major items being scale-based sizing and graduated colors with advanced settings."



All Advanced Symbology would be great within AGOL/Enterprise. Support for scale based- sizing and advanced features for graduated colors were my main focus, but it would be great to have Symbol functionality within AGOL that mirrors work done in ArcPro.



Dear Kory Kramer‌, support at least multilayer symbols published from PRO to AGOL/Enterprise is quite crucial. For now, you cannot publish - for example - an arrow symbol to Feature service - because of downgrading, the downgraded symbol is unusable! The workaround is simple - set symbols once again in AGOL/Enterprise. But it duplicates the work. And if you have for example 35 layer, you don´t want to do it once again. 


@VHolubec that is what I am trying to publish, arrows on pipelines in a feature layer, and I tried setting the symbols in Enterprise but when you save it, it becomes a web map, and I need this to still be a feature layer. How can I do that?


Hi @AnaTarina,

with the new Map Viewer available in latest AGE and AGOL, based on JS API 4, you can symbol your data in Pro with more complex symbology - even with the lines with arrows - and publish. Yes, the symbology is not stored within the layer but in the web map, but why you wouldn´t use it?

You are using the web map then in other clients as well, and this web map from Pro you can open in AGOL/AGE, Field Maps, another Pro - so don´t know now, when I would need directly the symbology on the layer. What´s your use-case?

Anyway, you can manage a symbology on the layer in the layer settings on AGE/AGOL as you can see below.



@VHolubec We have an issue with our analysts setting up hash marks symbology on pipeline layers to show flow direction in ArcPro, but when publishing to Portal the symbology is downgraded.  How can this type of symbology be rendered in ArcGIS Portal?



@BamJam you can open the map in Map Viewer, and change the symbology there, and save it.



We have attempted that, but we don’t have the option to add hash marks or arrows along the pipeline. We have this symbology capability in ArcPro or ArcMap, but not within the Portal web map symbology. We are running 10.8.1 Portal.


Hi  Brandon (@BamJam),

Desktop and Web having different rendering cores, but for 10.8.1 I assume it´s the best option to use Map Viewer Classic and the workflow proposed.

If you add your layer to a Map Viewer classic and open symbology setting on the layer you should see the option to set arrow symbol and few line patterns.

UPDATE: - see the doc to symbology for AGE 10.8.1 Feature Services:

From your post it´s not clear if you need to have the layer to be editable (Feature Service). If you publish your data as a Map Service (Image map layer), it should help - see supported list of symbols- see:



Vladimir (@VHolubec),

Our need is to display arrows along a polyline based on the m values at specific intervals.  Basically, we need to display the polyline with hatches in the map service.  As I mentioned, we are able to do this in ArcGIS Pro (link on accomplishing this in ArcPro: Draw measured hatches along lines—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation).  Here is our polyline layer symbolized this way in ArcGIS Pro:


The arrows are set to display at a specific interval (based on m-values), and the direction of the arrows are set to point in the ascending direction of the m-values.  

However, when we publish this layer from ArcGIS Pro as a map image layer or feature layer to our Portal, it downgrades the symbology, and the hatch marks are not retained.  We've attempted to set an arrow symbol within the symbology settings in the map viewer classic (as you mentioned).  Unfortunately, that only adds a single arrow at the beginning, end, or both of the feature based on the selection made by the user.  Not along the feature at specific intervals




The layer we are attempting to publish to our Portal is sourced from a feature class in an enterprise gdb that is a registered data source with our Federated ArcGIS Server.  There is no need for editing capability for this layer. 

I hope that clarifies what we are needing the symobolgy in the published service to represent.


Thank you,