Date Field Default Display Setting Across AGOL Organisation

06-13-2017 03:24 PM
Status: Open
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The Region setting within an AGOL organisation is very helpful, but it would be significantly better if services that are published or hosted in the organisation have date fields honour the display settings by default. This is honoured in the desktop applications that publish the services but not in the AGOL system. Or even better would be to add another setting to allow an Organisation to set the default date display format specifically. I know some organisations would want a Julian date format instead of a regional setting.

Basically each time I create a service or hosted feature layer I have to go through and change the display settings for every date field to reflect our regional date standard. This is very tedious and time consuming to say the least especially when you have multiple dates in multiple layers.



If your not going to let AGOL honour our region selection then at least use the International Standard ISO 8601 yyyy-mm-dd rather than American format.


There are probably a number of ways this could be implemented, but at its simplest what's needed is a way that an organisation can set the date format for the entirety of its bit of ArcGIS Online and all its users.  Whether this is done by a language setting, a region setting or by a dedicated option is perhaps less important.

Currently anyone speaking English but requiring a dd-mm-yyyy format has to use a range of manual fixes or work-arounds (e.g. altering the date format in individual web maps).  In some circumstances there is no fix and users are presented with the mm-dd-yyyy format regardless.  This is confusing for users as they are presented with dates in both formats and can easily lead to misinterpretation or errors. It is also a significant waste of time for people who have to repeatedly configure date settings.


This was partially implimented by ESRI, Although I quest why there is a setting at all given there is this restriction on it. To ESRI Inc, are you going to apply this to the 900 Fields I have dates in over 70 maps because I am not. Are you going to pay for the contractor to do this given in the mxd and ArcPro Map the services where published from they are correct?

What about the attribute table, map labels, or annimation time slices???

Considerations for number and date format

Keep the following in mind when setting the number and date format:

  • Currently, you can only set the number and date format when English or Spanish is selected as the language. Additional locales will be supported in a future release.
  • The Number and date format setting is not reflected in the date values displayed in attribute tables, map labels, or animation time slices, or when viewing pop-ups. However, you can create a simple Arcade attribute expression using the Text() function to change the format of dates in pop-ups.