ArcGIS Online Sketch Tool - Export or Download Sketch Layers

10-04-2021 06:58 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great if we had the ability to export or download layers that were created from using the Sketch Tool. The tool is good for visualization but my team needs the ability to share these sketches with each other for use in ArcGIS Pro, Desktop, and Earth.

Workflow would be something like Draw shape(s) using the Sketch Tool >> Export or download sketch layer as shapefile/KML/CSV/etc.


We do have in the sketch roadmap the ability to save it as a layer item and then you can do publishing to a hosted feature layer, exporting from the hosted feature to all the above formats and opening into other apps.


Hi @RussRoberts ,

Can any AGOL user follow this workflow (e.g. those with only Editor license)?

I will try this workflow and add it to my notes for future use.

Thanks for commenting!


Sketch layers do not require an editor license


You mention "roadmap"...which usually refers to a function that is being developed in beta and is not "currently" available to the AGOL user community. Is that correct? 


Yup its currently not available in the released version of Map Viewer but is being actively worked on.


Hi, is there an update on when a sketch can be exported and opened in other apps, like Pro?  Thanks.


You can open the web map in Pro and do an export from the sketch layers. (I tested this in Pro 3.0 which will be out very soon.)


For Save Layer of the sketch layers this wont be coming in the upcoming release. Save Layer will only be there for feature layers in July. 


So, You can open the web map in Pro and do an export from the sketch layers. But our problem is that none of the title and pop up text comes over to Arcpro. We use AGOL to have people markup and add text comments to web maps using Sketch tools but have to leave the map open in AGOL to do the edits from their text comments in Arcpro.

The funny thing is that if we open the AGOL webmap in Desktop we can see all text sketches. 

Just another reason to have to keep desktop around.


When you do the export did you swap the source of the original layer with the exported one?


Thanks for posting @JayHanson, I forget about this thread. It will be a year in October since @SarahWillett  posted about the idea / enhancement for AGOL. 

@RussRoberts what is the current time line for finalizing and deploying this widget in AGOL?  

This idea / tool is still very much needed in AGOL with custom WebApps. Allowing the AGOL community to have this function will help migrate stragglers that are still bound to GoogleEarth and the ease of sketching out polygons and sharing KML. 

Keep us posted on the AGOL Teams progress 👍