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ArcGIS Online - Order Popups same as Legend

11-02-2012 03:01 PM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor III

When you have overlapping map layers that have popups, there is a bar at the top that allows you to toggle to the next layer.  0EME0000000TTcH

But there is no way to control the order of which popup is displayed first.  Please give control to this, or make popup come up in the same order as the legend.


It cannot be overstated how tremendously control over pop-up order would improve the user experience of web maps/apps.

ESRI, do not underestimate how much the abysmal usability across all your software damages your brand image. I think any user would agree that "ArcGIS" is synonymous with "difficult and confusing."


Every customer wants the pop ups to be ordered according to the Table of Contents. This issue was brought up 12 years ago, and it's high time it was implemented. 
Everyone would rather the slower pop up take a second to load in the CORRECT order as opposed to having to take a second (and sometimes more) to click to it. You're not saving time, so why not just have the intuitive option?


So am I reading correctly, this is now implemented? 

I can't believe it's mentioned so casually among all kinds of minor improvements 😄


Wow, after some brief testing it appears to be true!! And what do you know, at least on my map the pop-ups show up instantaneously and not with a long delay as was ESRI's supposed concern. If anything they show up faster than before!

The only question now is why is this idea still marked as open? Are those responsible for managing the Ideas boards asleep at the wheel, or was this change implemented regardless of any input provided here? Either way, I'm going to think twice about posting anything on an Ideas board again.


Great news!

Now to advocate ordering for stacked pop-ups from the same source layer.

For example:

  • Parcels pop-ups
    • Be able to configure the pop-ups to display by an attribute field, like APN, or Street Address
  • When viewing pop-ups, features from multiple layers are now displayed in the order they are displayed in the map. Previously, features were displayed in the order they were returned from the server.


@Geraldine Wow, I can't believe it either! 

Status changed to: Implemented

@MarianneFarretta  Which version of Enterprise will this be implemented in?