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ArcGIS Online- New Map Viewer- Inconsistencies Across Colors UI

11-19-2021 08:34 AM
Status: In Product Plan
MVP Regular Contributor

We've noticed some inconsistencies across the Map Viewer UI for the color 

In the Symbology Styles settings, map authors are given the option to pick from the color gradient and the hex value's # is supplied. 

In the Label setting, there is no color gradient option, and the hex value's # is not supplied.  

This inconsistency in the UI leads to a confusing user experience and somewhat cumbersome experience when trying to choose consistent colors. 

Symbology Styles settingsLabel setting
Color gradient picker availableColor gradient picker not available
hex value's # symbol providedhex value's # symbol not provided



Please update these UIs to be consistent. 





Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Hi Amanda, and thanks for the feedback! I see the inconsistency you're describing and I can understand how it disrupts your workflow. One thing that may help for the short term: the hex value is available within the label settings--it's just not labeled "Hex" as it is in the Style options. 
We'll take a look at this and the gradient as we continue refining the labeling options--thanks again!

Update: my colleague @RussRoberts just reminded me this enhancement is targeted for March 2022, so we'll expect the same layout in the labeling as presently found in the Style options. 
Thanks again!



Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @MarianneFarretta

Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate the update!

As for the hex value I was referring to the actual "#" symbol. In the symbology settings it's provided- therefore pasted # value is not accepted until "#" is removed, whereas label settings require the "#" symbol otherwise it doesn't work. 

Isn't accepted: 



Isn't accepted and just defaults to black:



Status changed to: In Product Plan

I see, thanks Amanda! I missed the nuance in your original post "hex value's #" but I understand it now. Thanks for the update, and stay tuned...


Seeing how it's now April 2022 and this isn't part of the viewer, what's the latest projection for adding this?

I was about to submit an idea about the color UI inconsistencies between layer symbology and label symbology but found this thread. Although the OP doesn't explicitly mention it, I want to see the color picker available for the label's color *and* the halo.

Whereever in the app there is a color value option, it should provide the same level of options.