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Allow any web-based font for labels in maps and vector tile styling

01-14-2022 10:56 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

It would be great if we could add any web-accessible font to our web maps, both in the new (former 'beta') map viewer and when styling vector tile maps. The current font selection is somewhat extensive in the number of choices, but many are too 'artsy' and not very practical (Atomic Age, Audiowide, Cabin Sketch, etc). 

I'd love to be able to use Open Sans (with all of its weights - and the condensed version), Lato, Source Sans (multiple weights), PT Sans, Mukta, etc.

It would be nice if there was an input box that we could paste links to the fonts, such as


Yes! Bring us Lato!


The current way we are deploying and handling fonts this isn't possible but we do review and add new fonts to Map Viewer.


@RussRoberts - Is there a method/process for requesting new fonts to be added? I have a customer that is specifically looking for 'Roboto-Slab'. There are some variations of Roboto available, but not this specific font.


Roboto Slab is required by our University's MarCom dept.  

Other acceptable fonts are Museo, Museo Slab, Museo Sans, and Veneer Clean.



I follow the font requests through ideas and seeing demand for the font and then we will review the license for the fonts requested bc the deployment process for these fonts would be Online, deployed with Ent and then included in APIs and exported content sometimes the licensing does not fit within our deployment models.


Thanks @RussRoberts - can we consider 'Roboto-Slab' as submitted/requested? Or is there a better way to submit requests for specific fonts to be included.


I would create a specific idea for that font and I can get it flagged as under consideration. I find popping this through support the ENH request through support cannot be flagged as under consideration.


@webekeit - Could you create a new Idea for the specific font? As mentioned above, we can then get that flagged as a specific item requested.


While any readable font could be considered sufficient, our university has only a handful of approved fonts that are supposed to be used for any and all university material.  The campus maps our used tremendously by our students and visitors and are clearly the most popular maps in our AGOL.  In fact we could divide these maps usage by 4 and these web maps would then be the top 4 web maps on our AGOL.

Branding is very important to the university and web maps need to carry the look and feel.  Slab type fonts are aesthetically important especially Roboto Slab in this case.  In fact, I do not see any slab type fonts available and so this would be a good starting point for slab type fonts.


Is there anywhere we can find a list of supported fonts? One that is updated regularly and includes some kind of matrix where these fonts can be used? E.g., pop-ups, labels, vector tiles, etc.