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Allow any web-based font for labels in maps and vector tile styling

01-14-2022 10:56 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great if we could add any web-accessible font to our web maps, both in the new (former 'beta') map viewer and when styling vector tile maps. The current font selection is somewhat extensive in the number of choices, but many are too 'artsy' and not very practical (Atomic Age, Audiowide, Cabin Sketch, etc). 

I'd love to be able to use Open Sans (with all of its weights - and the condensed version), Lato, Source Sans (multiple weights), PT Sans, Mukta, etc.

It would be nice if there was an input box that we could paste links to the fonts, such as


Currently there isnt a matrix available. For labeling its found under here



@RussRoberts  Did Esri remove the use of Roboto font with the recent AGOL update?  The classic version web map apps I had created with Roboto font (in the widget html), now default to Times New Roman.  Roboto used to work when inserted into the html.  Roboto and Lora are our brand guideline typographies at the Department of Conservation.




Nope Roboto is still under the labeling options in Map Viewer




Understood for Italic version in "Map Viewer" but I'm speaking of "Classic Version web map apps".  For writing text, the App gives seven fonts to choose from a dropdown menu.  However, one can change these styles in the html editor and choose a different font from the seven.  I have substituted Roboto in the html editor.  But recently, Roboto is no longer working and the font displayed is Times New Roman even though Roboto is still the coded font in the html.



That's a question for the Web AppBuilder team and you should post under their forum.


Okay, thank you