360 Spherical Image Support for Feature Attachments

05-02-2018 07:14 AM
Status: Open
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360 spherical images taken with devices such as the Ricoh Theta are becoming common in many industries supported by GIS professionals.  Please add native support for viewing 360 spherical images when they are added as feature attachments to points in an ArcGIS.com map or Web AppBuilder app.




would like to see spherical viewer and controls as a Web App Builder widget, too


I've been trying to find a good way to make that work without much luck so far. Native support is something we'd take advantage of right away.  

Here's one of the test maps for displaying them in the sidebar, using Kolor's Panotour - http://pbs-env.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Minimalist/index.html?appid=5099495a76ca40fcaf548f63d057a4de  


I've implemented this for a personal project. Here's a web amp in AGOL that has a point feature of my 360 photo/video sites: Umpqua River Basin Old Growth Timber Sales


Essentially the popup will provide you with a group list of photos or videos that are available for a given location.Some sites only have one photo so always try the link for photo 1 first. Anyways, the videos are hosted on Vimeo and the photos I am self-hosting. My point layer has 10 attribute fields that contain URLs to the 360 content (5 photos and 5 videos) which open in a new browser window. The videos are straightforward- just open the Vimeo link in a new browser window. The photos have been a little work but I think I have a solution I'm ok with.


I'm using the Photo Sphere JS Viewer as the medium for displaying my photos. On my website, I have developed a bare bones HTML file "wrapper" that I pass a file name & description argument to it in the URL. The Javascript code parses that information out and then loads the 360 photo in the viewer.


Sure, it would be great if the AGOL popups supported 360 natively but this hasn't been too bad.


[The 360 photos/video were captured using a Garmin Virb 360]




Steve Cole - did you hand-bang in all of the URLs for your photos and videos for the popups, or did you do this programatically?


Hi Joshua,

The URLs are manually entered into the various fields, unfortunately. You can look at the table here.

Originally, I just wanted to put the file names into my attribute fields and then build the URL dynamically using Arcade but found out that building dynamic HTML & links using Arcade for an AGOL popup HTML table doesn't work well (or at least how I wanted to implement it). In order to overcome that, I had to do the extra work up front in the data and provide explicit, full URLs. I'm only adding 6-12 new locations every year so it's not a lot of work for me to do.


Thanks Steve, that's what I was afraid of.

We're hoping to implement 360 photos on our electrical asset inspections, but we're talking hundreds / thousands of photos.

Thanks for the swift feedback, I really appreciate it!


You bet. FWIW, this is a thread I started related to the AGOL HTML popups and Arcade expressions that ultimately led to using hard coded URLs in my attribute fields. I think you're right though- in your situation, native support of 360 photos by ESRi would probably meet your needs better.

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Hi Derrick,

I'm also trying to embed panos in a web map and have been trying to use iframes within the app layout, so have tried building that in the attribute, using Arcade expressions but I keep getting the html stripped out.

I notice in sample map (link provided above) you have iframes html embedded for both the sketchup models and pano urls.

How were you able to build that into the attribute and have the app render it correctly !! Have you been able to do this outside of the minimalist configurable too?

Appreciate any help or insights you can offer!




Hi David, sorry I never saw this reply.  

If I remember right, I had to set up the feature class and attribute in ArcMap so that it would permit additional characters, and then upload to AGOL.  Now that you can create new feature layers and attributes directly in AGOL, you can do it inside your browser by going to the data tab of the feature layer and adding a new attribute.  

Also, the minimalist template was the only way I had gotten it to work in the past, but Shane Clark @ ESRI pointed out that the Dashboard theme now supports multimedia embeds and is able to display these much better.  Here's an example dashboard