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Arcade Expression Help-Conditional Table

Question asked by evtguy on Apr 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by evtguy

I'm having trouble implementing what I want as a popup for a point layer. The points represent physical locations and basically store URLs to photos and video of the location. There are five photo URLfields (photo01, photo02, photo03, photo4, photo5) and five video URL fields (video01, video02, video03, video04, video05).


A site may have UP TO 5 photos or videos or it may have none. Because of this, ideally I'd like the attributes to adjust accordingly. For example, if a site has no photos and 2 videos, the popup would look like this:



No Photos currently. Please Check back


Video 01: <url>

Video 02: <url>


I have some expressions which help me determine if the field is empty but I can't figure out how to incorporate that into a dynamic table in the popup.


Here'e the actual service layer link.


Any ideas?