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09-18-2018 09:46 AM
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ArcGIS Online Update Planned for Tonight, September 18 

On September 18, we plan to update ArcGIS Online. Here are four capabilities you can look forward to:

  • Measure Distributions and Detect Concentrations
    • Measure the distribution of a set of features using the new Summarize Center and Dispersion tool. The tool can be used to calculate characteristics such as the center or compactness and orientation of dispersion, track changes in distribution over time, and compare distributions of different features.
    • Detect areas where points or events are concentrated and where they are separated using the new Find Point Clusters tool. 
  • Calculate Field Values using Arcade
    • Arcade can be used to calculate field values for hosted feature services. The functions, constants, and field values you currently use when building expressions for popups, labels, and visualizations can now be used to calculate field values.
  • Visualize 2D and 3D with new Configurable App
    • Scene with Inset Map showcases 3D and 2D maps in a single configurable application. The primary map visualizes elevation and a 2D inset provides orientation and context.
  • Search and Display 3D Features
    • Scenes can be configured so that when a feature is searched, Scene Viewer quickly finds and highlights the feature, and displays its pop-up.

Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. We will provide a comprehensive list of all implemented changes in our upcoming What’s New email and blog post.

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Is there a list of known bugs that have not yet been updated and/or were discovered during beta testing?

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Here is a list of all defects that were marked as fixed in the September 2018 update to ArcGIS :

ArcGIS  Issues Addressed List - September 2018 Release  

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Are there any known new bugs that will be introduced by the release?

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There are no known bugs introduced by the release. If you think you are encountering an issue related to the release please open a case with support. If you need assistance getting a case created please let me know.

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This released introduced a major bug that is affecting all of our clients utility system maps. Basically the bug affects all line features in our maps. Our features are hosted features services on ArcGIS , and this same thing is happening on maps on several ArcGIS  accounts.

What is happening is when you zoom in on the map past a certain extent (on my maps it is 1:2257) all line features disappear from the map. They are still in the layer list, but don't show up on the map at all. Then, what is even weirder is if you open the attribute table when you are zoomed in and try to zoom to a line feature, you are zoomed to different location where the linework is completely messed up (check out this video: Sanitary Utility System Map.webm - Google Drive )

I have found that this issue persists in my Web App Builder maps as well as the ArcGIS  map viewer. The problem goes away if I enable editing on the feature in the map, and comes back if I disable editing. So it seems to only affect features where the feature class has editing enabled, but the individual layer has editing disabled in the map.

This need to be fixed ASAP! Our clients utility maps are now unusable because of this.

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Looks like they fixed this last night - to fix the issue, just do something that triggers an update on the feature service (for me, I switched editing off, then saved, then turned it back on and saved again). You need to do this for each feature service that is affected. Thanks ESRI for tackling this right away.