What's Coming in ArcGIS Online (November 2022)

10-10-2022 09:59 AM
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This blog was last updated: November 10, 2022

Please read this blog to learn more about the November Update. You may also watch the demo video.


The next update of ArcGIS Online is planned for November 9, 2022 from 5:00 p.m. to midnight (PT). Below are the planned updates. Please note that all planned updates are subject to change; thus, please check back to stay updated on the latest news regarding the upcoming release.

You may also test out these features by signing up for the ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community (EAC) with your ArcGIS Online login. Within the ArcGIS Online testing environment, EAC members can try upcoming features, test compatibility with their existing workflows, influence product development, and engage with the ArcGIS Online development team and other members of the EAC. EAC opens on October 25.

Map Viewer


Greater visibility, customization, and control of hatch fills

Users will now be able to adjust angle, separation, and offset. Each setting will be configurable independently, allowing for greater customization and control of the overall effect. This extends the number of available hatch fills and allows map makers to use even greater nuance in differentiating multiple values in polygonal data.

Additionally, the symbol previews for hatch fills will show the hatch fill itself, rather than simply the solid strokes. Instead of seeing deconstructed component parts, users will see the expected visualization.


Support for related records

This enhancement will allow users to view a feature's related records from the feature popup. 


Read this blog to learn more about the Map Viewer enhancements.


New and enhanced editor for Arcade expressions


A new and enhanced editor for Arcade expressions will be available. The new Arcade Editor will also feature a fully mature code writing experience that will support auto-populated code suggestions based on the user’s data, search capability for functionals and constants, and flags for unassigned variables and coding errors.


Read this blog to learn more about the enhanced Arcade editor


Administrative Workflows


Visibility of last viewed date in the item report

 Administrators will be able to see when an item was last viewed using the item report. This helps identify stale and unused content in the organization.


Ability to specify a default set of member categories for new members

Administrators will be able to specify a default set of member categories to automatically assign to new members when they join the organization.


Increase the maximum limit of partnered collaborations

Currently, there is a default limit of 10 partnered collaborations per organization. With the upcoming update, the maximum number of partnered collaborations that an ArcGIS Online organization can engage in will be increased to 20.


ArcGIS Instant Apps


New onboarding messages

Onboarding messages for general settings and template-specific capabilities will be introduced to the app configuration experience of most of the templates. This enhancement will help app authors quickly familiarize themselves with the settings they are looking for while configuring the app.


Support for exporting data as a CSV file in Sidebar

Sidebar provides multiple tools and texts on a side panel to help showcase different locations on a map. In this update, Sidebar will allow viewers to export data from a data table as a CSV file.


Animation of multiple layers in Slider for numeric data

Slider uses a playable slider to bring time-enabled or numeric data to life. Slider currently animates data in the map based on its time-enabled layers or a specified numeric field for a single layer. In this update, the numeric slider will be able to animate multiple layers.


Read this blog to learn more about the improvements to ArcGIS Instant Apps


Deprecations and Retirements


The following products or functionalities will be retiring with the ArcGIS Online November 2022 release:


  • ArcGIS Dashboards Classic will retire with this update. Any dashboards last updated in ArcGIS Dashboards Classic will automatically upgrade and open with the newest version of ArcGIS Dashboards. We recommend that users open their data sources in Map Viewer and the dashboards in ArcGIS Dashboards to verify all functionality in advance. Once verified, upgrade the dashboards by saving them. Please read this blog article to prepare for this retirement.
  • Requested extensions for the ArcGIS Online Legacy Home Page will expire on November 9. Customers’ legacy home page will be replaced automatically with a default home page. Please read this blog article for more information on transitioning to the new home page.
  • Presentation for Map Viewer Classic will be deprecated with this update. Users are encouraged to use the Exhibit template in ArcGIS Instant Apps to re-create existing presentations. Read this support article to learn more.
  • The Minimalist template in ArcGIS Instant Apps will be deprecated on November 9. It is recommended that users utilize the more recent Sidebar template to create new apps for the same purpose as Minimalist. Please read this blog article to learn more.