Scheduling Automation Tasks

07-02-2020 09:54 AM
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Per the most recent AGO release, we can now:

Leverage the built-in ArcGIS Python libraries to automate and schedule repetitive administrative tasks in your Web GIS.

However, I created a Notebook in ArcGIS Online (Standard 4.0) and do not see the option anywhere to schedule a task. Am I not finding it or does this feature not exist yet? 

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Hi Kray - Sorry about this, that was a misprint in the blog post that we have since corrected. We will be implementing the ability to schedule notebooks in Online soon in the form of Tasks, but for now this is only available in ArcGIS Notebook Server as part of an Enterprise deployment. If you'd like to familiarize yourself with how it works in ArcGIS Enterprise ready for when it's available in ArcGIS Online, see the Notebook Server documentation here. 

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Hi @Josh-Cullen ,

We are also really interested in the sheduling of AGOL notebooks. When you say "soon" implemented, is it something we can expect in first half 2021 ?

Thank you !

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Hi Yann - Yes, AGOL notebook scheduling is still in development but planned to be release the first half of 2021.

Thanks for your interest!


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I imagine that capacity is part of the consideration -  I would be happy to see a 6-to-24 hour throttle per notebook or even per account if that allows earlier rollout.    Scheduled and exec from webhooks would help out a lot.   Producing solutions for an org - it is helpful to be able to have and show and pass on all the moving parts from within the AGOL family, to cut down on 3rd party services.   Thanks!

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