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ERROR "The specified thumbnail file is not supported."

01-18-2023 06:22 AM
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I am the owner of a notebook and I am trying to save a new version of it (save as)

I get this error: "The specified thumbnail file is not supported."

There is no thumbnail that I am aware of.


I see the same issue with no answers.

"The specified thumbnail file is not supported." e... - Esri Community


Any idea?


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Hi - does the original notebook item (the one you are "Saving As" a new version of) have a thumbnail associated with it?  You can check by going to the Item Details of the original notebook item...

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Hi @PanGIS  - In addition to the question above from @NicholasGiner1 , can you share some additional details on how the notebook was created? was this a ipynb file that was imported into ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise as a new notebook item, that you are trying to save as another notebook item? Was there any time between opening of this notebook and attempting "save-as" - i.e was the notebook idle for some time before you attempted save-as?


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Hi @PanGIS, thanks again for bringing this to our attention.  Letting you know that you can expect a fix for this in the summer 2023 ArcGIS Online release and the Enterprise 11.2 release in the fall.


Nick Giner, Product Manager

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