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"The specified thumbnail file is not supported." error in Notebooks

11-16-2022 12:37 PM
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A colleague of mine created a notebook to do some postprocessing for one of my feature services and shared it in a group with me.  I tweaked it a bit, and since the original was owned by him, I was prompted to save my version as a new notebook. After filling in the fields to save it, I received a "The specified thumbnail file is not supported." error and was not allowed to save the notebook. In searching all the settings for the notebook, I don't see that there's been a thumbnail saved to it (there's just the default notebook symbol showing on the item summary page). Any thoughts? My colleague was able to make the same change that I did, in his copy of the notebook, but this isn't a good practice, as I'll have future changes I'll need to make.




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Hi - does the original notebook item (the one you are "Saving As" a new version of) have a thumbnail associated with it?  You can check by going to the Item Details of the original notebook item...

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Having the same issue. Curious if you've ever figured this one out? 

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Hi  @FionaBecker , thanks again for bringing this to our attention.  Letting you know that you can expect a fix for this in the summer 2023 ArcGIS Online release and the Enterprise 11.2 release in the fall.


Nick Giner, Product Manager

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