Can you use the Execute Notebook operation in AGOL?

04-28-2020 01:21 AM
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Reading up on the enterprise notebook server docs Execute Notebook—ArcGIS Notebook Server Administration | ArcGIS for Developers  it looks like it would be possible to automate/schedule the execution of a notebook - something that would be REALLY userful!

I suspect not, but is this possible within the AGOL notebook server?

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Hi Debbie - Currently no, there is no way to execute a notebook from another. However I can see how this would be a valid, cost-saving workflow and will pass it onto the team. Your feedback is always helpful.



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Any updates on this ?? @Anonymous User  @AlexBriggs 

Having exactly the problem stated by Alex here:

"Are there plans to make it possible to execute a notebook through an api call - for example when a fieldworker submits a survey using S123, a webhook might fire a power automate script which in turn could call the executeNotebook command using REST?"

Is there any way to implement this workflow?? Much appreciated. 

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Hi, All.  Is the executeNotebook operation in the rest API available for AGOL yet?

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