To cut Road Lines buffer in once

06-03-2011 06:01 AM
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Hello folks,

I've a query regarding to cut buffer lines created from road center lines. Now I'm elaborating it step by step

1. I've merged all road lines in single line
2. Then I've generated 3 meter buffer from centerlines
3. Now I want to cut these buffer lines in the reference to its original centerline mean I'm using original non-merged centerlines and cutting buffers according to centerline's start and end points

Now my query is, Is there any technique or any script in ArcGIS (9.3 or 10) available to cut these buffer in once in the same length of center lines? If there is any technique or method or any script available then please help me out in this one.

I'm attaching a screenshot of buffer lines.

Your little help will be appreciable.
Thanks in advance...!
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