Bug in NA (ArcGIS 10) when defining restrictions for one-way streets

12-15-2010 12:15 PM
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There seems to be a bug (or maybe a undefined feature???) in Network Analyst for ArcGIS 10
(Windows 7 on a 64-bit machine):
I want to define One-Way-Streets by setting the the To-From-Direction to "restricted", if the "oneway" field == -1 and "traversable" if "oneway" == 0.
The From-To-Direction i want to set constantly to "Traversable" for all links.
When defining the network like this (see first screenshot in the attached file), the "oneway" field is ignored, so all links in the network are "traversable" in both directions.

If i define One-Way-Streets by setting the the From-To-Direction with  Fields -> oneway and the To-From-Direction to Constant -> Traversable, then it works fine.
However the oneway street are then opened in the wrong direction ("along" is restricted and "against" traversable).
So my workaround now is to change the direction of all links and then use the second option, but thats not really satisfying solution.

So i guess that the parameter for the "To-From-Direction" is in some cases overridden by a constant defined for the "From-To-Direction". Could you please fix that bug, if its not feature, which then should be documented?

Best regared
Max Bohnet
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is there still a problem with the oneway restriction? I have a similar problem as you described. I have a coloum with 0 (normal street) and 1 (oneway) And I cannot find the right adjustment to make 1 traversable in direction of digitalisation and restricted against digitalisation. And 0 traversable in both directions.
I really hope anyone can help me, I have no idea what might be the problem .
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Hi Lisa,

Regardless of whether there is a bug, there is a simple workaround, so you should be able to do what you want.

As I understand your data, you have one-way streets, which are always one way in the digitized direction of the source street features. (The important part here is that they are never one-way against the digitized direction.) In this case, you should try to...

1. Create a field evaluator for the from-to direction of your source feature class.
2. Set Value = false in the Field evaluator dialog box.
3. Create a field evaluator for the to-from direction of your source feature class.
4. In the Field evaluator dialog box's pre logic section, enter something like:

restricted = false
if [your oneway field name] = 1 then
restricted = true
end if

5. Set the value section to restricted.

The evaluator for the from-to direction basically says that this traversal is never prohibited in that direction (since your data is designed this way).
The evaluator for the to-from direction says that if the value of your one-way field is 1, the street is prohibited in the to-from direction, which implicitly means the street is one-way in the from-to direction.

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It works! Thank you very much, Robert!
Best wishes, Lisa
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