i need help...curb approach

05-29-2011 12:45 PM
by Anonymous User
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i'm confusing about curb approach and i attemp to set curbapproach many times.
For existing route of vehicle;which i collected from fieldwork,the stops were put in each point and route was solved for length in pic 1. [ATTACH]6994[/ATTACH]
(The fact of experiment have many stops)
On the other hand,I want to solve this route by using optimal routing function so i set in layer property) ,and i also set curbapproach "right side of vehicle" and side of edge is "left side" on stop number 1,2,3,4 and another ones(5,6,7 curbapproach were "right side of vehicle"and side of edge is "left side"),but the result(pic 2 )[ATTACH]6995[/ATTACH] is incorrect routine based on thailand's regulation.I don't know that seat of driver and direction's differrence(Between Thailand and USA) is effect for setting curbapproach,isn't it??? how should I set curbapproach??? anyone help me???pls...
Thanks for ur ans.
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