Standalone user-defined junction problem

09-27-2012 11:23 AM
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Hello everybody,

When building a Network dataset I get this message for several points "Standalone user-defined junction is detected".
I cannot guess why I am getting this error, when all this points are over a street. Actually I used the Snap Tool, so there is no way those points aren't intersecting a street. The only points that don't report this Standalone error are the ones that are over a vertex of the streets' feature class.
I checked this link that was in another thread related to this topic, but that correction is for geometric networks, not for a network dataset so I still can figure this out.
I will appreciate any help.

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You can zoom to the standalone junctions and use the network identify tool (second icon from right on the NA toolbar) to check the connectivity around them. the only reason they are standalone is if they did not connect to any edges due to connectivity rules or not being on an edge endpoint or vertex (if any vertex connectivity).

Jay Sandhu
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