Network Analyst - New Vehicle Routing Problem -  Stuck at 33%

09-25-2012 02:10 PM
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I am using Network Analyst - New Vehicle Routing Problem - to route garbage trucks as they travel house-to-house, collect garbage, travel to the landfill and then resume their routes. 

Modelling approximately 300 houses is not a problem.  However, when I use 500 or more houses as stops, the program cannot complete and is stuck at 33%.  Letting the program run overnight does not work as it's still working in the morning and I then have to "close" the program.

Any help/suggestions????


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Hi Tim,

The solver was stuck in optimizing routes. I guess your problem is from either using a large value on "MaxOrderCount" or using too many routes (i.e. 500 or more). These two settings can significantly increase the search space for the solver, which results in the performance issue. Please see this post for more suggestions:


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