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07-30-2012 09:38 AM
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I've gone through and created a network dataset on our servers, but now would like to share that network with an agency who is not part of our County network (nor can they be granted access to our network). 

Since I'd like the end user to use our network for routing inside of ArcReader, I need to share the network with them.  I can't package the data because the network is a "non-simple feature".  Any suggestions on the best way to do this?  Can I simply export/copy the geodatabase that contains the network and associated layers to the end user, even though they do not have any ArcGIS licensing, just ArcReader?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
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Hi Stephanie,

Sadly there is no out-of-the-box functionality for routing available in ArcReader:

This means users will not be able to perform any routing operations on your network dataset in ArcReader. Routing capabilities are available either with the Network Analyst extension which can be licensed for any license level of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo) or by using Esri ArcGIS Online routing services via the Internet (from ArcMap).

Since those users do not have access to ArcGIS Desktop, you have several options how to give them access to the routing features; some of them are outlined below:
- create a web application with the routing functionality which will be based on your network dataset;
- design and publish an own ArcGIS Server network service which users will be able to consume in their own custom desktop or web applications;
- use ArcGIS Online to publish network service which users will be able to consume in their own desktop or web applications;
- develop a custom ArcGIS Desktop application (with ArcObjects / ArcEngine / MapObjects / ArcGIS Runtime) with the routing functionality based on your network dataset.
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Thanks for the reply!  I should have been a little more specific - I'm not looking to use Network Analyst routing, cost matrix, service area, etc functions, but rather simply use the network dataset I've created as the routing service used in the "Find Route" (Tools - Find Route) tool that comes prepackaged with ArcReader.  You can choose any of the default online locators and routing services, or you can preset your own using a custom locator and a custom network dataset to find detailed turn-by-turn directions between two points in your ArcReader application.

As an update, I did attempt to just copy the geodatabase that has the network and all associated data layers in it and so far it appears to have worked just as I had hoped!  The end user can use my custom network to find directions between two locations through ArcReader and does not need to have any ArcGIS Desktop components (or licensing!!) available.  Keeping my fingers crossed that once this gets loaded onto the end user machines there is still success 🙂

Thanks again!
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