Setting VRP to select one cost/rate per order out of multiple costs/rates

04-26-2013 11:25 AM
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I am seeking help, I am currently working on a VRP model which I need help with adding costs to. My VRP so far has orders which can be delivered to 4 possible depots. I have the rate/cost to route from each order point to each depot position, therefore I have 4 different costs which could be used. My orders are allowed to only move to 1 depot (each route moves to only 1 depot), so I need to know how to add costs so that the VRP solves to reflect the depot visited by each order.

What I am wondering is how do I add these costs into my VRP so that only one cost is used for each order in the VRP calculation and that the cost issued to each order reflects the cost to go to the depot it travels to in solutions routes.

For example, If I have only 2 orders: Order 1 & Order 2, and 4 depots (Depot 1.....Depot 4) and 2 possible routes. The cost to pick-up from each order and move to each depot look like:
           ______Depot 1 _____Depot 2 _____Depot 3 _____ Depot 4
Order 1 _____$5  ________$3      ________  $ 4          ________  $ 2
Order 2 ______$1 ________$4      ________$2.5             ________$3

Therefore I want my VRP to only select one cost when pick-up from each order, and the cost used is the cost associated with the depot visited by that route.

For example, if Order 1's distance, travel-time and pick-up works best for Depot 4, the VRP needs to select the $2 that it costs. While Order 2 is routed to Depot 3 based on the same criteria, therefore a second route transports Order 2's goods to Depot 3, at the cost of $2.50.

Also in my VRP I have multiple routes being run in which stop at between 1-12 order points, all with different costs/rates.
I would appreciate any help I can get with this problem.

Savannah G
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