Road graph accuracy control

09-26-2011 11:46 PM
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I have a linear feature layer consisting of all the arches representing the street network of a township, and a point feature layer consisting of all the nodes conjoined to those arches.
The linear layer has two fields in its attributes table : "F_NODE" and "T_NODE", the former containing an ID number connected to the node from which moves the direction af the arch, the latter containing an ID number connected to the node the arch moves toward.
I am executing a control on these two layers about the accuracy of the data included in the fields mentioned before, i'm doing this manually, placing labels on the nodes and on the arches and
checking if the ID numbers of the arches match the ones of the nodes.
This will require a lot of time and there's always the risk of making further mistakes.
Is there a way to set this kind of control automatically using a tool in arcInfo or in Network Analyst?

Thank you
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The first question that came to my mind is why do you need such verification. If you build a network on your streets, the junctions are automatically any case what you need to do is the following:

Assuming that you have a feature class of streets and a feature class of points. You can run the gp tool Spatial Join.
it is in the Analysis tools for Overlay. Set the Target feature to be the point feature class and the Join Features to be the line feature class and choose the Join operation to be JOIN_ONE_TO_MANY and run the tool. It will create a new point feature class that will have joined over all the fields from the Line feature class. Now you can simply select the points where the ID of the point does not match the F_NODE or the T_NODE.

Jay Sandhu
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Thank you for helping. The reason why I have to do that is that I have to follow some specific instructions in order to build this graph, which is not a network dataset. Those specifications imply the manual input for the nodes ID and not the automatic method, which is considered, according to those specifications, not reliable in mantaining the relationships between the features and their attributes, F_NODE and T_NODE consequently. This could sound strange but It's what I have to do.
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This post is a cross-post with the Transportation forum.  I added some suggestions there as well.
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