Service Area Footpaths Problem

09-26-2011 11:14 PM
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I'm currently having a problem determining 'realistic' walkable catchments for a footpath network.  Specifically I would like to build service areas for a number of locations that take into account both footpaths (that run on either side of a road network).  In other words are you able to set a gap tolerance which would allow the service area to 'jump' midway down a line segment from one footpath to the other and and then say continue down another road. 

Thanks in advance.
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Network Analyst traverses the network. So as long as you have edges that connect places where you can travel, a path can be found. You could connect a footpath to another footpath, midway, with another edge. Take a look at the Paris network in the NA tutorial on how to add additional edges to connect the road to the metro network.

Jay Sandhu
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