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"Dissolve Network" stuck

11-11-2015 10:08 AM
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Arcgis'm using 10.3, I need Dissolve Network Dataset

but it remains stuck, the only mesaje that I can see this this

"Creating spatial grid default values"

I do not know what I should do

the process takes more day

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Well after a day, I suspect it isn't going to happen...or it happened and you will be the last to know.

  • How big was the network?
  • How disjointed was it?
  • did the network work before this action?
  • Have you tried the operation on a smallish subsection?
  • Is it on a local machine or on some network thing?

Any other details would help

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Greetings friend thanks for replying

How big was the network? is not very big, I just run another system of another country with uch more records and I had no problem

the network is working when perfectly before making "Dissolve"

I'm running on my machine locally

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Make a backup of the file, and run a check geometry if applicable to your file type.  Select a small area and try it, there could be an issue with a portion of the file.  Also, on those rare occasions when ArcMap goes unresponsive, I find a full shutdown, quick coffee, a reboot and restart sometimes works wonders. If done at the end of the day and it feel good...if it doesn't go home and try it again tomorrow

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Hi Gustavo,

In the past I had the same problem. It solved only after I changed the values in the driving direction field to upper case (ft --> FT ; tf --> TF).

You might have a similar problem in your data as well.