question about creating routes in network analysis

06-20-2012 01:22 PM
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Dear all:

I am trying to creating the shortest routes for different groups of locations to the visited by following this link

In order to run multiple threads (for different files of locations), I right clicked the "Store" data, chose "properties", and selected "A series of values". Then I input other location files by double-clicking the "store" logo.

After I ran the program, it seems that the model treated all the locations in different files altogether as locations to be visited in one route. But what I wanted was to create one route for locations in one file. That means, given the number of files of locations, I hope to obtain the same number of routes.

Can anyone help me with this? What other changes I need to make on this model to make it work as expected?

Thanks much!

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If you are loading multiple sets of locations (stops) to the same route solver to solve at once then you need to make sure you map the "ROTUENAME" property for each set so that they will solve as separate sets of stops. Also, rather than changing the stores to be a list of values, you can chain in more ADD LOCATIONS. So in that model, you can add another add location tool whose input route layer is the output of the previous add location tool.
To set the routename property, in the model, double-click on the add locations tool to open it. In the Field Mappings section, the second property, after name, is Routename. Map this to some unique number or field for each set of locations you want to load in.
You can read more about it here:

Jay Sandhu
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